Laptop Screen Flickers & Noise from speakers when power cable plugged in


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When I plug in my power cable into the back of my laptop, the screen flickers (lower half only) and I get some noise coming from my speakers a lot of constant interference. I have only just noticed this, usually I plug the power cable in before turning the laptop on, and removing it when its off, but the power cable just come out as the laptop in my my knees, I plugged it in, the bottom of the screen flickered and a "pop" sound from the speakers was heard and then constant noice fuzzy/hissy noise!

What could this be? A poor connection? Earth?

Thanks in advance.

My laptop is a year old and is the Vortex 17 inch


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Sounds like a little electrical interference or static, probably related to the wire/charger position. Nothing to worry about - try moving the wire/charger and it will probably go away.


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Thanks for the reply, sometimes when I start the laptop it doesn't start and its usually everytime I shut it down and start it. It either does one of two things:

1. Does not start, when I press the power button the screen stays blank then it beeps about 40 times then shutd down, turn it on again and its fine!!
2. Loads up windows but freezes on the log in part of the login process.

I'm started a support ticket!