Lawsuit against the US lottery over 340 million doller "error"


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if true then that must of hurt big time

a man in Washington, D.C., is suing the organizers of the Powerball lottery after he woke up to what he thought was news that he had the winning numbers – only to find out the wrong numbers were accidentally posted on the lottery's website. Plaintiff John Cheeks chose the numbers 7, 15, 23, 32 and 40 with a Powerball number of 2. On Jan. 7, 2023, the D.C. Lottery's "winning numbers," posted on its website, matched the ones Cheeks had: 7, 15, 23, 32 and 40 with a yellow Powerball number of 2, the suit said. In the early morning hours of Jan. 8, Cheeks saw the numbers and thought he'd won.

The prize was an estimated $340 million, but when Cheeks went to redeem his ticket, he was told it was denied, according to a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Washington, D.C.