Local elections


The BSOD Doctor
We've just had local election here and somebody posted this little story...

A politician visits a rural area to gain appeal for the upcoming elections He schedules a meeting with the local leaders to discuss problems the town has been experiencing so that he could provide help and solutions. "Governor, our town has been experiencing two big problems," says one of the leaders The politician pounds his table, "Ok tell me what they are," he impatiently replies all the while looking around to confirm if the excessive display got a favorable response. "O-ok, our first problem is a flu outbreak but we lack doctors and hospitals, and the second one is--" The politician cuts him off "Stop right there, I'll make some calls," as the politician animatedly grabs his phone, punches the numbers, and makes his calls. "Yes! Yes! That would be great, tomorrow then" he loudly replies before punching another number for another call, "Yes a hospital, I will pay for it personally." He hangs up and turns to everyone, "Good news, everyone! I have arranged for a group of doctors to come here tomorrow and check on those afflicted," he loudly proclaims "I have also called for the immediate construction of a hospital which would begin as soon as we are able to find a suitable area today. Now what was your other problem?" "Yes, our second problem is that we don't have cellphone coverage here."


Behold The Ford Mondeo
I'm not sure where, but I've seen that one before. It's quite sad that it seems plausible :LOL: