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Monitor Recommendations


Can i get some Monitor Recommendations for the PS5? has to be 4K, under £500 preferably and also ready to use on a PC if i decide to invest in one.



Hi All,

I am looking for a new monitor for the impending release of the PS5. I currently have an ASUS 1080p, 4MS, 60HZ monitor so anything is going to be an upgrade really.

I play competitive Call Of Duty Warzone, so I need something suited to quick gameplay in that sense. I know the PS5 is going to support 4K but I have struggled to find a monitor that does 4K, aswell as he suitable for competitive gaming

what is the deal with 1044p? Is the PS5 going to support this? Would 1080p be good enough?

I am also learning the difference between VA/TN/IPS, from what I’ve gathered, TN is the best for fast response times, would this be the best panel for what I need it for?