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Msi motherboard bios problem


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Hope someone can help !
I went to put a SSD in my pc , put loads in computers over the years . I put windows on from a bootable usb . So plugged in drive went to bios and changed to boot from usb . As I pressed save and restart I noticed too late that cd was at the top of the list and not usb .
Now it won’t open bios . It loads to here .. see picture .
I’m sure it’s a command I need to type just can’t find that info .
I’m sure someone will be clueded up .

Cheers in advance




I assume this is not a PCS build? Unfortunately, since these fora belong to PC Specialist (PCS) who sell custom built PCs and laptops, we can't offer hardware advice on other builds. You may get better help on a more general forum like Tom's Hardware.


That's an EFI shell.

You could try typing EXIT - it should then take you to the BIOS or a boot device select screen.

If that doesn't work, I have no other options I am afraid and as ubuysa says, you'd probably be better off at Tom's Hardware