My Defiance VI


Hey folks,

So... my new laptop arrived last week. I had previously ordered TWO Replublic of Gamers ones from Amazon and both of them went back - the first one had an issue with the fans (they were on full blast all the time and I couldn't turn them off) and the second one had the RGB lights fail after booting into Windows, and the wifi card stopping working after around 10 minutes of gaming - not great when you are getting kicked out of Overwatch competative games and losing rank.

I contacted ASUS with the issue, and they wanted me to send the laptop in for repair - it was two weeks old! I thought "screw this" sent them back for a refund and went for a PCSpecialist build.

Picture 1.jpg

My meat of my build was thus:

- 17.3" 144hz
- i7 9750H
- 32GB Corsair 2666Mhz DDR4
- RTX 2060
- 1TB Seagate 7200RPM
- 512GB Samsung 970 Evo Plis M.2 PCIe

Picture 2.jpg

The positives:

- boots up like lightning
- runs every game I have tried flawlessly
- Got a free copy of the new Modern Warfare to redeem on
- screen is clear and sharp
- hard drive is ridiculously fast
- Booked it for three day delivery - it arrived bang on time
- the fingerprint sensor is pretty cool - it appears lit up within the touchpad
- I liked the ability to tweak your build before it goes into production as I did this a number of times.

The negatives:

- keyboard is a bit spongy - especially on the number pad
- why do designers keep on insisting on putting the RJ45 and power connectors on the sides of laptops? PUT THEM AT THE BACK PLEASE
- only two USB 3 ports and two USB C - as well as a Display Port that... well I don't know anybody who uses them
- RGB lighting is OK but not in the same league as the RoG
- laptop speakers are dreadful, but fully par for the course.

I use it for rendering 4K video files (hence the reason for maxing out the RAM) with the latest version of Premiere Pro CC and it does it twice as fast as my last laptop (which was a Scan 3XS). Also, as previously mentioned, I play a lot of competative Overwatch and it runs flawlessley at Ultra settings.

Would I order from PCSpecialist again? Yes definitely.

Picture 3.jpg

Also, if you're interested, there is a video of PCSpecialist at work, which kind of put my mind to rest as to the professionalism shown towards your new computer - check it out here.
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