My new site


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Since Final Fantasy XIV came out, I've created a new fan site.
This site will have a blog, when I can be bothered to do the programming for it.
Which will be like a role play story.

Will also have some guides at some point.


Bright Spark
Sounds interesting but as you've used a template you can't claim authors rights/copyright over the webdesign/layout considering it's not really your work, is it? Lol, just a thought. D=


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Acutaly I can since I'm the one that designed the template.
The images in the template, by that I mean the characters are from screen shots from in game or from the SE fan kit.
The burned paper is my design, the formating of the title and lay out is all my design.

The only thing that's not my design is the Erozia writing and the characters which is copyright of SE.