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I'd just got to the point where my old laptop was about to die and as space is very limited here I thought I might go for an All In One. I have to admit I first went to a very well know high street dealer who gladly took my money and failed to deliver anything. Got the money back and thought, why not try PC Specialists. They'd done a brilliant job on my son's gaming laptop and PC, so logged on and found they had what I needed. The best is that you can configure it to exactly how you want it rather than just put up with what the store has as a standard offering. Overall it worked out the same price, with the knowledge that you have the support there if needed without having to fork out for a separate agreement. Even better, they kept me right up to date with how things were going along and created the whole thing in hardly any time at all. Didn't take long to get myself up and running (although had a few problems transferring all my data via Laplink Pro - but sorted it all out. I now love using my very slimline PC, which is super quick, perfect sized screen and just right for me. Thank you again PC Specialists.


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