My system will be collected by DPD, how do I prepare it the best way?

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If you are using the original packaging, the system is covered during transit. In order to make the transport as smooth as possible, we do have some things that you can go to help. First off, if there are old labels or barcodes on the packaging, rip them off or use a big black pen to make them illegible. This helps to prevent the courier accidentally scanning the wrong label.
You can also write down the RMA number (with the letters RMA!) on the parcel, which makes it easier for our guys in the warehouse to assort the parcel to the right department.
On the day of the collection the courier, DPD, will send you an email/SMS with a one-hour timeslot. Make sure someone is home during that time and give them five minutes if the driver is late. There can always be bad traffic or some other delay, but normally those timeframes are very exact.

The driver will have all the needed paperwork; you do not need to print out any kind of label or anything. You will not get a physical proof of the pickup itself, instead, the consignment number will be updated, so you can track the process on the DPD website. Once the parcel reached us, you’ll get an automatic update through email, so you know it’s safe and sound with us.

Pack a Laptop like this:
Pack a Desktop like this:
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