Nespresso Coffee Machine Bundle!


Bright Spark
Part of my Vodafone Rewards gets me a discounted Nespresso Coffee Machine bundle retailed at £306.00 but discounted down to £79.00 with free delivery, is anyone interested in the code? :) Won't be using this and I know a lot of peeps here like their coffee!

The bundle contains:
• 1x Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine
• 100x Mixed Vertuo capsules
• 1x set of 2 porcelain mugs Lume collection

As it is a code I will have I'm not sure if it will be a timed code for when I request it, so just in case make sure you are fully wanting to buy this so it doesn't possibly expire :)



I can't say I'm not tempted as mine is a few years old - but I'll leave it for someone who hasn't got one at all to avoid being greedy o_O