New 17.3" IONICO 3080Ti 16gb


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Loving my new laptop so far
Arrived really quickly it's super fast slimline lightweight compared with my old msi
Gaming wise the fans do kick in when taxed but that's what they should do Its nothing too bothersome
especially if I have earphones on.
The laptop feels solid but light, Keyboard feels nice and tactile and looks great with the bright rgb . QHD screen looks crisp and sharp
had a few blue screens with windows 11 but went through some disk chk etc. and seem to have got rid of them overall very satisfied with my purchase.



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(Did you run all your windows updates n stuff?)
Laptop stands (if you havent already got one) are a worthwhile purchase, can make a huge differene to thermals and that may help with the fans a little (it'll certainly help with the laptops lifespan)

Its a nice looking model :)