New High Density High Speed storage form factor


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You guys doing professional workflows are probably already aware of these

So there's a new Solid State storage option taking stride.

It's called U.3 in its current form. It's on the PCIe lane just like an M2 drive, but substantially faster, and up to crazy drive sizes. They're around the size of a 2.5" SATA SSD

They're about 1.5x the price of the Consumer grade M2 form factor per Gb, BUT have enterprise grade endurance and go up to pretty huge sizes, so when you pit them against enterprise M2 drives, they're about the same, at this place up to 30Tb and substantially faster speeds, up to around 7000Mb/s R/W vs the current fastest M2 of around 1500Mb/s

BUT you need specialised connector hardware to fit them in a desktop PC.

You can get a PCIe x4 adapter card to fit them

So if you're doing huge write operations for large scale renders or something, they may well be appealing to you.
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