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New Ionico 15.6"


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Few days ago I received my first PCS laptop! I had to wait slightly more than 1 month (well, the situation is quite bad for the components...) but at the moment I am extremely satisfied! I ordered a Ionico 15.6, with 32 Gb of RAM, 1 Tb Corsair as SSD and rtx 3060 as graphic card. I will use it for (not so advanced) gaming and picture editing with photoshop. I tried with Steam and everything went smoothly. I still have to install and try photoshop, but I think that there won't be any problem! :p
Before I had/have an asus nj550, but after 6 years there are a lot of hardware issues... In comparison, my new laptop is a beast even by looking at the smaller size and the brighter screen.


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