New laptop for photo and video editing


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17" Recoil gaming laptop configured with:
- 64Gb memory.
- 2 SSD (500GB and 2TB samsung 980 Pro). 500GB for OS / Apps and 2TB for photos and videos.
- GeForce RTX 4060.
I've over specified it so it with not run out of power in a few years time.
Works well with Lightroom and Photoshop. My old i7 laptop took over an hour to do focus stacking, but this new laptop does it in a few minutes!
Images look clear on the QHD screen.
Passed all the test for Davinci Resolve processing. (Top end video editing software).
The documentation that came with the laptop is not very helpful, so had to phone customer support for a user manual. The manual sent was not an exact match but covers the basics.
Customer service is good on the whole, but some are better than others.
Overall, for £1,939.00 it's a good laptop. Other manufacter's prebuild laptops, for the same spec, are a lot more.
So in summary after a couple weeks of use, I would recommend PCSpecialist.


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