New laptop

I have recently purchased a new laptop from PCSpecialist, which is working very well, this is the second computer I have purchased from the firm and have no issues at all with the company or the products.
On building the system, as I am not really proficient at setting up computers, I ordered the home set up.
I was expecting a technician from PCSpecialist to carry out the work, unfortunately PCSpecialist subcontract out assistance to a firm called orderworks.
Anyone considering using this second rate firm, please reconsider, they are substandard.
I received a text saying to pick a convenient dates for the work to be carried out, which I did, up to the day I requested, this firm could not tell me if a technician would be able to arrive or not, and could not tell me any date they could arrive, it was a foreign call centre, the staff of which could not really care about the customer.
I contacted PCSpecialist customer service, who after the second call, were helpful, and promised to refund the cost of the home setup fee.
I was able to have a local technician come to my home and setup the computer the next day of inquiring, at a much cheaper cost that orderwork charge for their poor inadequate service.
Other than this the computer is functioning well, with no complaints at all.
The service from PCSpecialist from order to delivery was very good.