New (non-Pro) Threadripper announcement (HEDT)


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It's been officially announced, and the rumours were incorrect for once, we have some good news!

They ARE releasing both the standard threadripper lineup AND the pro chips! So this is fantastic news!

Release date is November 21st to both OEMs and consumers.

The Pro series has a new chipset WRX90 which is only compatible with Pro series supporting 8 channel DIMMS and 128 PCIe lanes

Then there's TRX50 which supports both the standard chips and the Pros but only supports quad channel memory and 48 PCIe lanes
They did promise the old TRX4 socket that was on the Threadripper 3000 series would have long term support, but that looks to have been a lie which is going to be pretty punishing for those who invested, that's just cruel AMD!



TRX50 are super interesting, really looking forward to see how they shake out. The Threadripper 3000's where just to far to the extreme end of usage for a lot of people's needs but then the commercial chips weren't quite there in the niche features that attract the pro usage

If they can land in the middle of those it would be super interesting for many many uses where the Xeon chips tend to dominate


I'm super interested in the HEDT variants but as L1 techs said, the world has changed and affordability is going to be a major factor. We're looking at a significant uplift in price on some of these as the purchasing power of SMEs and enthusiasts is declining.


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We're looking at a significant uplift in price on some of these as the purchasing power of SMEs and enthusiasts is declining.
If you watch the video, it's already been confirmed the non-pro ones are the same price per core as 1000 series threadrippers at the entry level which is a very sensible thing.

7960x is 24 cores 48 threads - $1500 / 62.50 per core
32 $2500 / 78 per core
64 core is also 78 per core

The sneaky thing is that they've limited PCIe lanes down to 48 on the non-pro chips which will force a lot of renderers and scientific workloads to the Pro series which are bound to be expensive. That will certainly put a lot of professionals off, and is a foolish idea I think.


Intels equivalents about to be released in the HEDT are only a refresh on their W2400 and W3400, and both of those are outperformed by Threadripper 5000 that came a long time earlier

These 7000 series are the new Ryzen 4 node, so there will already be a big uplift in performance from that alone.

Plus the Xeon HEDT options are just stupidly powerful using around 530W which is about 36% more power just on the CPU at the socket, and again need seriously high end cooling whereas these 7000 HEDT's are likely to be far more efficient from what we know about 7000 series Ryzen.

All of that means that even if Intel price lower, it would have to be SIGNIFCANTLY LOWER to still make the long term running costs associated with power and cooling worthwhile. And for an HEDT platform those factors are far more relevant than a desktop.
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Reviews are coming in for the 32 core 7970x and and 64 core 7980x

To give you a ballpark view

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This is quite cool, Jay has done watercooling on the 7980X, worth a watch

These run insanely efficiently, both in performance per watt, and temps, but if you've watched the above, the cooler they had for testing didn't cover the whole IHS, it only covered the central circle.

So I believe there will be far better designed cooler plates on the aftermarket pretty soonish, so I think they'll run even cooler when those are out.


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And here's the "cheap" one at $1500, 24 Core at 5.3GHz boost

I'm just looking at some of the motherboard prices for this sTR5 chipset, Gigabyte tend to be cheaper than other offerings, they only seem to have one board, the TRX50 Aero D.... it's currently listed at £700! That's an awful lot of money! These are the lowly tier home user HEDT desktops, not prosumer.

But they're already listed on eBay for this model motherboard for £1300! No idea what's going on there, if they're expected to sell out quick and the scalpers are getting in early.