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New Optimus Series 17.3" Review.


Being the sixth laptop I have bought from pc specialist I am no stranger to the process of ordering off the website and as always I had a great service. Weekly updates with clear information as to what's going on with the item I'm buying and easy to follow tracking instructions. When the laptop arrived it was packed well as always a put a smile on my face. I was happy to see when I turned it on that there was no bloatware and no programs that were not needed for a clean out of the box aesthetic with a nice black pc specialist background. For the size of the laptop it cools very well with only a small amount of thermal throttling at the top end and only in the most demanding games do I get power throttling. Overall I am very happy with the service provided. I only had one issue when the laptop arrived. Upon arrival neither of the shift keys on the keyboard worked. Thinking that this could be sticky keys I immediately checked this but alas this was not the issue. After checking everything I could there was still no fix to be found. At this point I one by one uninstalled the programs that came with the computer that are needed to make it work. The problem was fixed as soon as I uninstalled and reinstalled the speedshift driver. Don't ask why but as with any computer related problem. Wierd things happen all the time. Believe me I'm a programmer.