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After problems with my previous laptop I gave in and searched for a replacement. After taking the usual route of searching the normal High Street websites I discovered PC Specialist. I found that I could build a laptop to suit my needs, with a much higher memory and other data specification for a better price.
I took the plunge, and placed the order.
Immediately the sales care was amazing. I received regular updates on the progress of my laptop build, delivery and reassurance of after sales service.
As a plug and go 'non tech user' I found that I did have a few issues, given that this new laptop is with Windows 11, which I have avoided for reasons of negative feedback, even from computer experts. Despite this, I found every communication I had with the tech help team very helpful, and resolved my issues. Those issues were nothing to do with problems with the laptop itself, only Windows 11.
I have been so impressed with the service from PC Specialist, and the quality of the products (in my case the laptop and a carry case) that I would definitely recommend them to others, including my husband, who currently has a few issues with his own laptop.


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