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Optimums VIII 15.6"


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This laptop came just as expected, good packaging, all the right specs and even a fingerprint scanner I wasn't expecting (its not great but still)! At first the laptop worked great with its i7-7700HQ and GTX 1080ti, everything was smooth and its yet to lag on me (except for gaming of course the card has its limits). Also the 4k IPS screen was deffo a good idea, it has really nice colour accuracy and its great to sit down relax and watch some 4K netflix! However I ordered 2 batteries, one of them at first seemed to be faulty but seems to have fixed itself? And the laptop seems to creek a little around the battery area, this may be due to me adding my own nvme m.2 drive but I used their instructions and seemed to go well so not sure . They are however looking in to this matter.

All in all it's a really good laptop and if they can get this creaking fixed fast I will have no regrets buying this what so ever!