Optimus Pro XI

Okay so this is the first time I have ever gone this high a spec on a laptop before, so two things were going to be a given. 1) It will get warm when running triple A games, and 2) It will howl like a banshee to cool it properly. You are talking desktop spec in the confines of a slim laptop case, so what do you expect. My AMD 3600 with a 5700XT is quiet but has a massive case and 8 140mm fans shifting the air out. So back to the laptop. Its clean, the metal lid and top give it a real quality feel but the top helps to wick away heat as well. The keyboard is nice and is comfortable for typing, but its not the feel I personally like for gaming. My son says differently as he is a laptop gamer and says it feels great. I have a gaming keypad already which use. The track pad is huge, and responsive which is all you need. RGB is great. The fan control button is a nice touch. Now this thing has cooling vents in the epic level. I work with laptops for work and there are very few that have this much air intake. this explains the good thermals. I opted for the top quality thermal paste as well which, for me, at this price for a laptop, was a no brainer. It is fast, it has what you expect for a gaming laptop for battery life (come on if you want to game for more than 30 minutes, you know you should be plugged in!). I have literally only one qualm about this machine, and it is very minor. The position of the web cam has everyone looking up at me rather than straight at my eye level. Its not a biggie for me as this isn't my meeting laptop anyway, I have a Microsoft Surface for that, however some may find it an irritation.
On the whole I give the whole experience of choosing components, ordering and receiving, and finally owning so far a hearty 9 out of 10.


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Sorry forgot to list the specs. I went with AMD 4800h with RX2060. 16GB RAM and two m.2 sdd (1x 512 system and 1x 1TB for games and media)