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Outlook / Virgin Media e-mail sync issues

Hello, pulling my hair out here and would appreciate some help.

I had to re-install my Virgin Media e-mail account yesterday and only have the Inbox showing in Outlook. I can send and receive e-mails ok but i also have about 50 folders and sub-folders which i can see when i log into My Virgin Media, but they juist wont come through to Outlook on my laptop.

Virgin Media Community says to change blueyonder pop3 and smtp server addresses to virginmedia, tried but no good, didn't even get Inbox so changed back to blueyonder and got Inbox back but still no folders.

Any help much appreciated.


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Which email client are you using? Outlook.com or the Outlook email client which is part of Office?
Are you using any third party adblocker, antivirus &/or firewall or VPN software?

Have you tried setting up the account using imap rather than pop?
SSL yes
Port 993
SSL yes
Port 465
Username is your full email address.
Hi BASTET. I am using Outlook as part of Office. No Ad-blocker, AV or VPN, just what's built into Windows 10. Never had any issues before now.