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P170EM worth every penny.


After owning several laptops over the past few years and mainly gaming on a custom desktop l decided to switch to a high end laptop.

pcspecialist was the natural choice after pricing up many competitors, none could come close to value for money as well as a helpful forum community.

I opted for the Vertex III sporting the i7 3610QM and a GTX 680M, the website is easy to use and works well breaking down each component that you would wish to fit.

I opted for the minimum of RAM as l had my own and a single 1TB HDD.

This system at the time came in at £1477(ish), which compared to the competition was any where from £300 to £600 cheaper than similar or lower specc'd machines.

The build time for my self was just over 31 days due to the popularity of the GTX 680M chasis, however this was not a drama.

pcspecialist did keep me informed and when l did have to contact them via live chat or email the response was quick and straight to the point.

The financial package is great as it allows you to pay over 11-12 months then pay a lump sum interest free and you start paying the month after the PC/Laptop is dispatched/arrival day.

The build quality of the Vertex III is excellent, however pcspecialist could do a better job of QC, the keyboard had to be snapped in place at both ends and the blu-ray cover had to be snapped on again at both ends, no real drama.

1. Display = Great brightness, excellent in low or high light levels, excellent 1080p.
2. Keyboard = Very nice finish with back lighting, excellent travel easy to touch type on.
3. Chassis = Sturdy and well made if a little fingerprint prone.
4. CPU = i7 3610QM on par if not faster than a 2nd gen i5 2500k at stock. No slow down amazingly quick.
6. GPU = GTX 680M is an outstanding bit of kit, guild wars 2, world of tanks all play at 45+ fps at native res.
7. Cooling = Great cooling, however custom paste on the CPU only, you are able to use your own past once the thermal pad is off the GPU HSF. Efficient and quietish under load, slightly quieter than a high end air cooled desktop.

The customer service of pcspecialist is excellent and l look forward to using them again.

Summary: All round excellent service which cannot be faulted.



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Great review, + rep :)

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I've ordered the same laptop as you, really liked your review, it's great when you can hear from someone who is pleased with their purchase.
I'm looking foreward to getting mine, only on day six and i'm going away on the 5th next week.
I do'nt know what a + rep is or how to give you one, so it's an unofficial + rep from me.

Iroquois Pliskin

Good photographs - the Vortex III (Clevo P170EM) comes across as a solid professional desktop replacement notebook with the performance of a desktop gaming rig.