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Perfect for video editing!


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I got the Vyper Series PC with 32GB RAM and 8GB NVIDIA RTX 2070 RAM. I have to say, it’s pretty good. I’m a video editor and I use DaVinci Resolve which is highly dependent on a PC’s GPU, and not so much on the CPU and this PC performs really well with 1080p60 work, which is the type I work with. Video editing for me is seamless now and so far I’ve really enjoyed using it. The only complaint I have is that the fans get noisy during high-performance tasks which I feel self-conscious about when I’m working with this PC in the office as I don’t like to disturb the people around me. But one of my colleagues did say to me that it sounds like a jet engine lol. But to be fair, for its performance, the fans should be running like that. I don’t know if anyone knows how to keep the fans at low noise and still have good performance. If there’s anyone that can help me with that, it would be appreciated. All in all, great PC!



I don't think you'll get quiet fans and good performance, since it's an extremely thin laptop and the heat from the CPU and GPU needs to be gotten rid of somehow - i,e, by small fans spinning very fast