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Surprised there’s not been more publicity in the 10+ years since I first saw them.

At least the beer range has grown since then (y)

yeah not well publicized, only found it by chance


Well, about the only reason I don't have one, is that I get bored of beers very quickly, so won't even drink 2 pints of the same stuff before moving on to something else.

So 12 different brands/styles of beer/cider in the fridge is a better option for there's no way I'm going to store 12 kegs and wait 12 hours to chill them when I fancy a pint of something that's not currently loaded!

Maybe I need a beer cellar ;)


At Least I Have Chicken
cold frothy beer.............🤐
Pfft, beer is warm, hoppy and flat. It's the law.
My Belgian friend here disagrees.



Pfft, beer is warm, hoppy and flat. It's the law.
But that's just 'ale'.

Beer covers the whole gamut!

I like my German (fizzy) weissen, as well as Belgian wheat & trappist beers, as well as lighter IPAs (I don't find extremely hoppy ones very refreshing), as well as proper ciders (especially single-varietal that taste of the apples they were made from), as well as a nice stout or brown ale...and most things in between.

My mood dictates what I drink. So there's a lot of gin & wine too!