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A bit of a helpful pointer should you wish to post images to the site. The maximum file size of an image you can upload is 1MB. It's quite normal for photos to be above this size, but there's an easy way to shrink down the file before uploading.

Download Gimp. This is a free open source fork of an older version of Photoshop that has been heavily built on since 1995. It's excellent and completely stable:

Then open your image in gimp by right clicking the image file and selecting "open with", then choose the GIMP program.

In Gimp, just select any defaults that may pop up about colour pallets needing changing.

Then go to File / Export As. In the name title bar, change the file extension to .jpg, select where you want to save it, and then click export at the bottom.


Then in the Export box, select the check box "Show preview in image window", and you'll see a "File size" estimate shown just above that box you just checked. Then you can use the quality slider at the top to the point where the file size reduces below 1MB. The click export.


Now your image file is under 1MB and you should be able to happily upload it :)

For File uploads, I'm not sure what the limit is for the site, but if you have any difficulties uploading to the site, you can upload it to any cloud storage (OneDrive is on windows 10 by default, Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, Drop etc etc), and then create a shareable link from that program to the file in question. Make sure you've set it that everyone can read and write the file if you want people to have write access, if not then just read access, and post that shareable link to the site.
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