potential apple "icar" in the works


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came across this, as rumours of a potential icar, probably going to be expensive though as rumours of a sub 100,000 dollar price point



I'm only an Apple fan...not a fully-fledged 'fanboy'. I buy the equipment that works for me, but I don't buy into all the evangelical Holy Trinity of Jobs/Cook/Ive and buy everything with an Apple tag on it.

I wouldn't be surprised it's not even more 'premium' priced, as it's not like Apple to produce something 'reasonably-priced'.

$100,000 will be for the basic model, but if you want a bigger battery, tyres that last more than 10,000 miles, more RAM for your sat-nav/ICE system, more seats/storage, etc. it will be more like $200,000 ;)
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along with the extra costs for height/reach/tilt adjustable steering wheel, mirrors, seats, etc.

One seat included - and the other spaces don't come with fittings for retrofitting, so you have to buy another car if you need 2 seats.

you need a job at apple :LOL:


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Ubiquiti are an american company that do mainly SoHo / Enterprise networking solutions, they pretty much discovered microwave long distance communications and local dish networking. I believe the founders are all ex Apple Engineers.

They very much continue the Apple ethos of a closed ecosystem, so they do everything from routers to cameras to door access to phone systems etc etc, anything that is managed over the network. All controlled by their Unifi management system.

I do wonder (if Apple ever actually releases the iCar, rumours are they scrapped the project) if Apple will partner with Ubiquiti for interconnected and sensor technologies.

Ubiquiti's new entry level router HAPPENS to be the same dimensions as the Mac Mini, so they're clearly still designing with Apple in mind