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Power Failiure


Oh, hello.. I'm back again, you may remember me from this thread: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/foru...e-quot-screen-box-appears-and-doesn-t-go-away

Yes, I never actually fixed that problem so I still have the box popping up on my screen daily, because PC Specialist refused to send someone down to me.

This time I have a problem with my dad's all in one (yes, we both spent £1,450 each on these all-in-one PowerGlide machines but we have still had a total of six problems).

He was using the PC, and suddenly it turned off. The power supply box (the black box with the blue light) seemed to be the problem (or so we thought). We unplugged it from the machine and then plugged it back in. Every time we plugged the power supply box cable into the machine, the blue light on the supply box turned off. Surely that's not good.

So before I begin to spend £20 of my phone bill in calling them, where they keep me on hold for 30 minutes, I thought I would ask here in the forum.


Edit: spelt "failure" wrong, lol.


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You could try sending a message by logging into your PCS account and possibly requesting an RMA for your system. Considering how many issues you have experienced you could request a full test on your system to avoid any further issues. Sorry I can't be of further help but I think if it is a hardware problem you just need to send it back. Good luck.


I agree with Keynes, might be worth sending them an email/logging into your account and sending a message.

I can appreciate your frustration. Just a tip with the phoning PCS though (and you might already be aware), if you check the call waiting times here: http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/call-waiting/ you might save yourself some on hold time if you were to phone them again.

As Keynes suggested, if it is a hardware issue the only real solution is to send it back (especially with it being the PSU), if it is faulty PCS can check it and send you a replacement fairly quickly I would imagine. Infact, the PSU might be an 'advanced replacement' if you look at the RMA section on your account (although I do not know that for sure).