Purchasing PC with Finance.


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I'm new here and looking to purchase a PC from PC Specialist for around £2,000 on finance. I've looked through the plan, and it says nothing to pay for 12 months and then monthly payments start. However, if the balance is cleared within 12 months, there is zero interest and a one off payment is given. However, will i be able to make payments in the first 12 months to reduce the overall final payment that is required at the end to clear the balance to avoid paying interest?

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Yes, you can make monthly payments with the aim of paying back the amount financed by month 12. If you do so, there is no interest paid, just the one-off early settlement fee of £29.00. If you don't pay it in full after 12 months, interest is then applied. If you have any doubts about this, just ring PCS to discuss and confirm the details. None of us work for PCS so we can't give 100% accurate answers ;)