Quite an in depth view of cheap fake cables verses well made


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This is a really interesting video, you get an in depth analysis of the difference in build qualities, in this instance of an Apple $120 thunderbolt cable (which is a rip off, no matter how well it's built) down to a cheap $3 cable off amazon

This is also unfair from the start as they're comparing an Apple Thunderbolt to standard USB cables, they're 2 entirely different cables and definitely different price points. It's a promoted ad spot, so take with a very large grain of salt with regards to that kind of thing, but it's interesting showing the differences in build qualities.

What they don't go into here, is that for any cable type, there is a standard that it's supposed to keep to if it's able to be classed as an official cable. Any certified cable will have to meet basic standards and they will ALL work and not cause any damage, this video is rather misleading in leaving that info out.

You'll see the $3 cable is an all out fake, it would fail standards and so wouldn't be certified. You have to be sensible when buying and make sure they're official cables with certification.

Even with that said, on Amazon certainly, there are some spring up fake sellers that will show what looks like an official certificate, but actually it's just something copied from another product.

Basically, if it's too cheap vs the everyday competition, it's generally a fake. Use common sense.
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