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Red Lafité laptop

This is my second machine from PCSpecialist; I felt pretty confident in the purchase since my tower PC has given me three years of solid reliable service. The new laptop was configured with an i7 processor and two large solid state disks. I wanted the laptop to be a fast performer for office-based activities, with good network capabilities. After a week (although mostly on holiday) I'm very pleased with the speed, performance and particularly the weight of the machine (I wanted the compromise of a large-ish screen, but keeping the weight relatively low)
. Everything about the weight, performance and clarity of the screen are brilliant; just what I wanted.

There are two minor niggles - the finger print scanner built into the touch pad works intermittently (not really a problem, because there are two alternatives to signing into Windows) and the WiFi symbol says that I have wifi, but no Internet, which is clearly wrong, because I've been accessing the Internet with no problems.


Nice review and photos, thank you!

The Internet icon issue is an old one and it's a Windows issue. A web search will show up several suggested fixes.

One you might try straight away is disabling the 'allow Windows to turn off this device to save power' and reboot.

Thanks for your prompt reply and your welcome.

Regarding the WiFi warning, I've just updated the WiFi adapter driver to the latest version from Intel (v21.0.0.5) and the problem has gone away. Always irritating to see a warning sign when everything is working fine, but I'm even happier now.

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I'm wondering how are the speakers for this laptop if some of you can provide feedback.

Mostly interested in the following
  • how loud they are
  • what is the sound quality
  • where are they located
Thank you.