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Review of new 17.3" Optimus XI i7 / 16GB / GTX 1650 Ti

Only arrived ten days ago but initial impressions are that this is a beautiful machine. Everything is as expected high quality components everywhere. The screen is sharp and viewable from all angles without distorting, the keyboard looks and feels great, the case is nice looking and performance is very fast. I found the setup easy, and just plugged it straight into a large tv to try a few games. So far have played halo mcc, arma 3, the outer worlds and star wars squadrons, all at high detail and not noticed any frames dropped yet, they all look and play great. I highly recommend PCS they had some trouble sourcing some of the parts for this laptop but in the current climate I cannot blame them, and communication is always good. The laptop was actually bought by my wife who wanted a fast large screen laptop for browsing/streaming that was a quality build. Obviously this is massive overkill for that and as a result I will sadly be forced to play games on it for long periods of time :D the only thing I would say is that when gaming a lot of warm air comes out the back and side ports, all the intakes seem to be on the bottom so I am not sure how it would fare if you were gaming say in bed with the case not resting on a flat surface, probably it would just keep you warm, I guess we will find out in time. In the short time I have it I would rate it 9/10


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