Samsung Moon photos controversy


The BSOD Doctor
Samsung Gakxy S21 and above do use AI to detect a zoomed photo of the Moon, but they use this to enhance the picture being taken. They DO NOT substitute a stock photo of the Moon.

When Scene Optimizer is turned on and the moon has been recognized as an object, the camera will deliver users a bright and clear image through the detail enhancement engine of Scene Optimizer on top of the Super Resolution technology.

Briefly, the camera lowers the brightness, captures multiple frames (to produce a bright, low-noise picture) and uses a neural network to enhance the detail using a high-resolution reference image for comparison.

If I sound ticked off it's because I am.


I can't gloat, as I'm terrible at photography...this was about all I got of the aurora in Iceland (from outside my hotel)...the moon could be mistaken for a spotlight :confused: