Sept deal?


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the marketing has decided that we won't continue with the "PC of the month" promotion and we will soon publish our new ideas ;)


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is there any update on this? i will be purchasing my first gaming PC hopefully this month and am eager to know if there is a deal better than the build that i have created.



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PCS are still doing special offers:

There were 4 posted in September.

Equally any special offer could be above or below your price range anyway and not of much help! If you're shopping for a £1500 system and PCS's next special offer is a £900 one, you'll probably just buy your manually configured £1500 PC.

If you post up your spec in another thread people can always suggest tweaks to get a better deal on an individual basis


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If you look at this, which is where most of the deals live:

You'll see there were 4 new deals in September, 6 in October, some of which are still available. There were also Black Friday deals and discounts. And you don't tend to get massive discounts right before Xmas so not surprised there weren't December ones....

If you want an update on PCS's marketing strategy, you'll need to ask them directly. Let us know what they say. :)

As I've said above, the deals they do are for specific price points. If that price point isn't the one you're shopping at, well, no point buying the wrong PC for you just because it has a special offer sticker on it. If you post a budget and your uses, people can suggest a custom spec and you can decide whether / how to proceed.


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Thanks. As it happens I've just purchased a Vortex GTS III Enigma. It was ideal budget and a great spec so didn't really warrant changing or doing a custom PC - the only thing I would have changed was the SSD to a Samsung version, but I can just buy one separately as an addon for just as good a price as if I'd swapped the Adara out for the Samsung.

I was just curious about deals as Shepard said "we will soon publish our new ideas" but I hadn't seen any further mention.