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Setup issues


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this is more for your information than any need for assistance.
Regarding my order (number 1565555).
Thanks for the quick delivery.

On the first day of setting the laptop up I encountered a BSOD. I missed the error. I thought it may have been an overheating issue .
However as the laptop was only warm to the touch I continued with my installing of programs.
The next day I encountered another BSOD and this time noticed that the error was Video_TDR_Failure and noted what appeared to be a reference to Nvidia. Still the laptop was not hot but I downloaded and ran FurMark while watching the CPU and GPU temperatures. After a few minutes the temperatures were fine (60ish) and the program was running without issues.
I therefore continued my installations. I had another 2 or three BSODs and was concerned that I would have to contact you.
However I noted via Internet searches that this issue (involving nvlddmkm.sys) is not uncommon with Windows 10.
I tried to update the video drivers by downloading the latest from the Nvidia site but the exe failed with an error saying that with this installation I could not update the drivers this way. I then installed Geforce Experience and was able to update the drivers with this.
Since than I have had one more BSOD.
Throughout Windows was continuing to update itself.
Now, 2 weeks on I have most applications installed (particularly Flight Simulator plus addons) and have had no further problems.
Flight sim is running well and the system appears to be stable.

I assume this was a combination of driver issues?

If there is anything you wish me to do, please advise.

Overall I am happy with the resulting system and it's performance.

Geoff Knapp


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It does sound like a driver issue as you've mentioned.

There is the DDU which is perfect for cleaning up GPU Drivers that have gone errant.

One debugging exercise worthwhile if this occurs again is to use MSI afterburner to underclock the GPU core/memory. Mobile GPUs don't usually have much headroom for overclocking, so I tend to think they can be a bit close to the wire at stock speeds and a quick underclock can rule that out.