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Targus Chill Mat (LAP) Cooling Pad Review


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So, I'm sat on the sofa (reclining of course!) and decide that I'd like to do a bit of casual gaming, so grab the recently purchased Defiance V and my Xbox Controller and quickly pair it (via Bluetooth) to the laptop, and off I go!

2 minutes later I've got the laptop actually on my 'lap' and I'm thinking "Wow, this is a touch toasty" as the exhaust port is blowing on to my leg (I'm wearing shorts!), so I open a web-browser and do a quick google search to find this:

It's a neoprene covered 'lap' cooling mat, two USB powered fans in a nice ergonomic design, perfect for gaming on the sofa! It's on offer (£19) at the moment (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Targus-AWE55EU-Laptop-Cooling-Cooler/dp/B002Q8X3L2), reviews well enough and seemed ideal.

Having had a few very nice cooling pads that are designed for use on a desk/table, I was kind of expecting this to be a bit rubbish, it looks a bit cheap in the photo's and the 1900 RPM fan speed stated had me wondering about noise, however reviews are on the whole littered with people being surprised by it actually working!

I'm pleased to say that for £19.99, it seems very good VFM and seems to actually exceed expectations. The fans are definitely audible, but at least you can feel the airflow and I've already noticed reduced temps and an overall slightly cooler laptop.

It's clearly meant for lap use, and if I was only using the laptop on a desk I'd get something beefier and dedicated to that, but for use on the sofa on your lap, it's great!
I am looking for a cooling pad for lap use, are you using with a 17inch laptop? As dimensions seem to be for only 15inch/38cm?
Regards Rob