The importance of a clean install


The BSOD Doctor
There are NO shortcuts!

Whilst I understand the desire to get a new system up and running quickly and avoiding the need to reinstall a bunch of third party apps and reconfigure Windows the way you want it, the sole objective here (we could even call it 'the prime directive' ;)) is a stable and reliable system.

A stable and reliable system is ONLY possible if the operating system platform on which everything runs is itself stable and reliable.

Nothing else matters. Not your time, not the delay in getting to play with your new rig, and certainly not the advice from people who tell you that "it will all be ok". When you change anything substantial, like the motherboard or the CPU, always, always, ALWAYS clean install Windows.

It takes only about 30 minutes to clean install Windows, and if you have all the installation files for your third party apps handy it doesn't take too long to get those reinstalled either. I clean install every new version of Windows, and always have done. I have as big a bunch of third party apps as anyone and yet my system is always fully installed within a day. That day is well worth the time to guarantee that I'm running a fully clean, stable and reliable OS - because that's the foundation on which the rest of your system is built!

Never choose the quickest or easiest way to do anything, get it right the first time - every time.