The World's Fastest Graphics Card - GTX 690!


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Loving PCS offering the most uptodate stuff available...but I pity anyone that adds a 690 to their order thinking they might receive said PC any time soon :D

(Talk about doubling the price of your desktop right off the bat!)


My 560Ti actually plays every game I have on high/ultra. I was considering grabbing an upgrade of the 690. Works out at about 650€ which actually isn't all that expensive considering. But I think ill just wait a while until some new games come out that I cant play with the 560ti.

All the companies are gonna release a version of the 690 so it will drop its price relativity soon. I can wait. :)

Looks an absolutely savage card though and fairly easy on the power considering what the card is.


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I remeber when Crysis first came out, no card on earth could run it with maxed out settings, games were ahead of their time compared to GPU technology. Interesting these days, that Buzz says his 560Ti can run anything on high/max, yet they release this behemoth of a card wich really isn't needed in todays games. But I gues we can wait in anticipation of a game that really puts the GTX 690 through it's paces, and my gues is it's going to be something pretty special to behold.


Yeh clancy2k I agree. I cant wait for a really heavy heavy game to really put top range cards like the 690 to the test. I have Crysis games, Need for speed the Run, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Dirt 3, PES, and few others and all are not a bother. In saying that, I still want a 690. :) There are some quality looking games on the way in the next 12 months so I suppose time will tell how well the 690 will stand up in accordance to its price, and how much they will drop in price in the next yr or so.