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Thermal Paste


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I've now got my first couple of upgrades but forgot about Thermal Paste for the CPU. Are there any that are better than others, any recommended or ones to avoid completely?
I'm not sure if it makes a difference when it comes to the paste, but the CPU isn't overclocked.


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Yes, some are most certainly better than others. Avoid the really cheap stuff you can buy on ebay and amazon etc.

Thermal paste is pretty cheap anyway, even the 'good' stuff isn't too expensive, you just get less of it for your money. Which isn't a huge deal for the average user anyway.

I like Noctua NT-H1, Arctic MX-4 or Arctic Silver 5. Basically anything that's not £2 for 30 litres is alright, but those are the ones I like.


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personally, i always recommend either Artic MX 4 or Noctua NT H1 pastes. Both are very good, both do not have any "cure in" time and you can use both on either your CPU or your GPU. There are many pastes that are conductive so you cant use them on laptop or desktop gpu's. Imho stick to either mx4 or noctua's paste and you will be fine.