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So... I know this might seem like heresy to some but with the hot weather I'm trying to limit my PC's performance to generate less heat. Partly because I have this week off so doing a lot of gaming and its hot enough already, partly because I'm trying to keep the fan noise down (don't want to be wearing my usual massive gaming headphones in the heat).

So far I've set a framerate limit in the Nvidia control center (no idea how/if this is possible in GEForce Experience?), reduced my usual graphics settings in the games I'm playing (today, mostly total war warhammer 2) and altered my fan profile to quiet.

Most of the online advice I could find was based on ejecting as much heat as possible from the magic box - but since that just dumps the heat into my room, I'd rather avoid generating that heat to begin with. Do you have any other tips for general heat management?

If it matters, I have a 2080Ti and 2700x, in a Corsair 500D SE (with one added rear fan and a H100 cooler) and I'm using a 1440p/165Hz monitor


Unless you're interested in under-volting / downclocking things ... I'm not really sure, you could always lower settings and what not which would have the effect of making your components work 'less' and therefore produce less heat.

You could go to the extreme(?) of locating the radiator for your AIO (assuming you have one) outside the room and pushing the heat out from there?


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Undervolting can make a difference (on the GPU particularly) and doesn't necessarily reduce performance.

Running at 1080p rather than 1440p would reduce heat too, but you might not want to do that... but in GeForce Experience you can set Image Scaling so that your GPU renders at a lower resolution then upscales it (the 85% option seems quite decent to me).

Worth giving it a good clean out to remove dust from fans, radiators if it's been a while since the last clean out.

Other than that, looking up general advice for keeping your house cool is worth doing (closing curtains but keeping airflow from coming in from the cool side of the house through and then venting it out of the hotter side)


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Thank you both for helping!

I think I'll pass on the under-volting, I'm lazy an it seems like too much work for me. I've heard of it, but never done it myself, so I'd need to learn. The AIO output wouldn't go far enough. I've lowered setting some - I do want to avoid more sacrifices there if I can.

The fan/dust clearing is such an obvious one for me to miss though, thanks for that! If the fans don't have to work so hard they produce less noise and heat.