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Vanguard I5 - Black screen won't boot


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I have a vanguard AIO which was delivered six weeks ago, been running since with no issues at all.
I came in this morning and found that it had a frozen screen and was unresponsive not in screen saver just displaying normal desktop screen, so I reset the system. When restarting the display doesn't show the PCS logo and remains black even though the PC has started (fan, power light etc) I have since tried rebooting several time to gain access to win recovery but this hasn't worked at all. Have you guys got any ideas for a workaround? Thanks in advance


I don't know much about the AIOs so this is going to sound dumb, but have you tried unplugging it completely (so it's fully powered off)? Leave it powered off for 10 minutes or so to let any charges leak away and everything to settle down and then try it again.

If that doesn't work, can you boot an external device (USB stick for example)? Try booting the Windows recovery media and try startup repair in there to see whether that helps.

If none of that works I would call PCS ASAP.


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Hey Haymur,

Have you got anything connected to the AIO e.g. external HDDs or USBs? If so try booting with only the AIO. Worth a shot to see if those devices are holding up post.