Very happy with my new Ionico 16" gaming laptop


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This is the first time I've bought a custom laptop, and I was really impressed with the whole process. The PC Specialist staff were really helpful when I emailed to ask for advice. I had an idea of what specs I wanted, and was originally thinking about getting the Elimina Pro 16", but they suggested I also had a look at the Ionico for a similar price point and I'm really pleased I went with their recommendation.

The 16" inch screen is great for web browsing - I was unconvinced when I first looked at these instead of the 17.3", but I now much prefer it. The screen is beautiful, the whole thing runs really fast, and it has a decent number of ports including Thunderbolt. I don't have much to say on the speakers or the battery life as so far I've only used it with external speakers and while plugged in. It does Hogwarts Legacy a treat on high settings with an RTX 4060, in case anyone else also considers that a good benchmark!

The vapour cooling chamber is impressive, and one of the reasons I went for this model, as overheating is usually one of the main reasons for my laptops coming to the end of their lifespan. The fans to take the heat away from it can be a bit loud, but I'm comparing this to my previous laptop which didn't have proper fans, so if you're already used to a proper gaming laptop then the noise level is probably fairly normal. It's impressive how the laptop doesn't even feel hot when it's been running a high spec game for a while.

I would definitely recommend this laptop to anyone in the market for a decent specced gaming laptop for around £1.6k. Also the whole thing only took six working days to do all the work, so it was with me and up and running just over a week after I ordered it.


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