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Vyper III - Things to run on startup


Hi all

I just placed my order for the 17inch Vyper III, cannot wait for it to arrive
I have ordered it without Windows, which is fine I have my own bootable and drive and activation code and feel comfortable booting windows from a USB to install the first time and delete the test version it will come with

In terms of a list of things to do when first getting the laptop, I've seen so many people running different benchmarks and tests and downloading various drivers. I just wanted to confirm almost like a checklist of things to do when I get my system?

So far all I have is
-Update all windows drivers
- Update GPU drivers

I have seen people talking about drivers for wireless cards, running benchmarking tests etc, and I don't have any experience of that. Is someone able to just walk me through almost like a guide for dummies to setting up a laptop?


Hi @Dewji, you dont 'need' to run any benchmark tests at all. You should install Windows as a clean/new install and then before doing anything else, ensure all windows updates have been installed by running windows update repeatedly until all its updates are installed.

You should then install any relevant drivers which were not installed via the windows update process (most will likely already be installed by then). You need to know what components are in your laptop and install the drivers required. Either get the drivers from your login on the main PCS website or directly from the manufacturer. You can see what's installed in your laptop from the configuration.


Although you've ordered it without Windows it will have a Windows system on it that PCS used for testing. I strongly recommend that you don't use this system by just entering your license key because it's just a testing system and may not be fully configured.

However, you can (and should) use the PCS test system to check that everything is present and working. You can also take a look around at what drivers are installed and (more usefully) at what other control software is installed. When you install your own copy of Windows the drivers should all be found by Windows Update, but any other control software you'll have to install yourself.

Doing a thorough test of the laptop with the PCS test Windows system means you can be certain that everything is working properly before you install your own copy of Windows. That way, any issues you have after installing your own copy you'll know are software related and thus easily solvable.

If you immediately install your own copy of Windows without testing it first and then have issues you'll have that nagging doubt that they may be hardware related.... :)


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All the necessary drivers will be on your account if you go into technical support.

You'll need a USB to create a bootable drive from. Also, make sure you have an ethernet cable to be able to install the wireless driver once you've installed Windows.