What can run Lightroom and photoshop at the same time?


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I'm looking for a new build to make my workflow a bit smoother and easier.
My current laptop, has a very very hard time with image rendering and using lightroom and photoshop at the same time.

So can anyone tell me the best speak to get the job done?
Graphic Card:

I want a full SSD if possible, for boot up and loading time.
And for the rest I want to be able to run both software at the same time, while this will not be done all the time, I would still prefer a machine that can handle it.

Also I would like a screen that can handle a true representation of colour.
As what my laptop screen sees and my phone sees are 2 different things and I would prefer one that would look the same when getting it printed of at the printers.

My Budget it £1000 and I would prefer a laptop with big display if possible.
Now here is the thing, can this be done on £500? or close to that?

Any help and advise would be great place.



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£500 is completely unrealistic. £1000 is fairly ambitious / will result in compromises.

What is your current spec? That will help suggest how much of an upgrade any new system will be.