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What's the best monitor for my needs?


Hi guys, I find myself in a bit of a sticky situation at the moment as I find it really difficult to choose the right montior for myself.

The setup that I have is a 3080 with a 5800x. I'm going to mostly be using it for photo & video editing and for casual gaming. Thus I strongly believe that I'm in need for a 4k 60hz 27+ inch monitor, but it seems quite difficult to find the right one. My budget for this is aroun 800€ and I was thinking of either getting two monitors at around 400€ or one at 800€.

Please let me know what you guys think would be best and also if you have any recommendations for a specific monitor.


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Surprised no one has responded to you on this.

I'm no professional photo/video editor but some of our support staff are and they tend to use the Dell UP or U series. The UP series is out of your budget but the 27in U2720Q is a very solid 350nits screen with good colour accuracy. At £600 or so, it could be considered somewhat overpriced. The 400nit 32in version, the U3219Q, is about £800. I have one at home and it's a really ovely panel. In a sale you might be able to snatch one up.