Windows 11 and enabling TPM 2.0


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So a lot of you will by now have received the notification in windows update that your device isn't eligible for Windows 11 because TPM 2.0 isn't available.

The good news is that most motherboards since 2016 have a firmware TPM built into the motherboard which you can switch on on a toggle setting in the BIOS

To access the BIOS, easiest way is through windows:

Then once your in the BIOS, all you have to do is find the fTPM or Firmware TPM or PTT and toggle it to on. This differs almost by motherboard, but certainly by manufacturer, but there's a brief summary of what to look out for below:

Gigabyte boards: https://chillblastassist.freshdesk....articles/79000125962-gigabyte-enable-amd-ftpm

Asus boards:

If you have any trouble, post below and we can help out.