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Please can you tell me whether the standard Windows 7 backup utility backs up Windows Live Mail folders? The Help information isn't clear to me on this . . . just seems to say that it will back up everything in All Users.


if you set it up right it will back up the entire pc , so there must be a way to tell it to back up whatever folders you want it to indiviually
( sorry i just use it for complete pc backups) :yes:


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To be honest I'm not sure if it will or won't but I do know that the emails are stored in the Windows servers.

A way to guarantee the emails are backed up is to create folder/folders to stick the emails you want to save and drag the emails from the client into the folder and back them up that way.

Hope this helps.

Ok after reading that's a little confusing. The folders you'd need to create would be outside of the email client.
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