Wireless connection problems


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Just got my enigma III 540 a few days ago and while I'm happy for the most part, the wireless module seems to be a bit haywire. Direct from my wired desktop I get 10Mbit/s Download speeds and 1.2Mbit/s upload speeds. Yet from a few rooms away I am getting barely 1.5 Mbit/s download on my wireless. Now, I know many of you will probably say this is just because I am quite far from my wireelss router, but for some reason I get almost the full upload speed at 1.1 Mbit/s, and while there are a few walls in between the router and my laptop, it is definetely not enough to lower the DL speed from 10 Mbit to 1.5Mbit a second. My old Acer gets about 8.9 Mbit/s... Any suggestions? I fired off an email yesterday morning, but haven't got any answer yet.