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  • Firstly, are you connected wirelessly? If so, have you screwed the antennae in? I tested entering key and connecting without them, it doesnt connect, too weak to even send the key over network. Secondly, likely a router problem, e.g. 802.11n or something similar, thirdly, if you want it fixed, either phone up tech support OR start by posting a detailed post about the problem. "Won't connect to the internet" is so vague I could come up with 10 questions as to exactly what/where/when/how it wont connect to the internet..

    EDIT: Meh you deleted the topic, if OP comes to your profile theyll be able to see my response. Ty.
    maestro,check my second to last post on overclocking the 460 and technical definitions......much appreciated...don't know if you are in the know in that area ,its just not many people are on and i'd like some feedback asap,cheers
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