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  • I waited till you were back lol. Would you say that most people are happy with their experience at Southampton? Just your friends and yoruself obv!
    Wow! I really want to learn at least one new language, it's supposed to be a v. good asset for any decent job. Do you mind If I ask you a few random questions about Southampton Uni and that?
    Sorry mate, didn't realise you replied on your own wall :(
    Well I'm doing politics and economics this coming year. Took out a gap year to save some money up and that, and have got an unconditional back in Nov, so no exams for me!
    I really enjoyed french at school, I'm learning it in my own time now. Can you take courses in French, as optional modules?
    I'm studying BsC Managmenet Sciences & French, 2nd year right now, 3rd year will be my year abroad and thus wont be in Southampton, but my 4th year ill be back again, what will you study? Or are you already in Soton? ill pm u email :)
    sleinous go to my post the one abouyt gt 240 ,i did not mean this card i meant gtx 460 but cant edit thread title and value you opinion..if you have time of course
    bloody hell has it been a month already???!!!?!?!?!?!
    now im scared
    Hmm Medal of honour ill have to look it up might buy it when its cheap XD
    how you been anyways??
    Sleinous could you help me choose what items are best for a gameing PC please? I have a budget of £2000 I keep changing stuff around and spending more in area's that doesent need so much spent on it :p.
    already done it :D
    + got rid of loads of shit that i didnt want so worked out really well :)
    hah holiday ... I wish
    nop just been worshipping the computer (and using it occasionally)
    forgot how addictive cod4 is
    ahaa seems ive missed alot
    Congrats on the moderator status Sleinous ;)

    remember with great power comes great responsibility!
    No no,dentistry..i was just saying i wanted to do medicine but i dont like all the gore,and am taking dentistry even though its harder to get into. Thanks for the advice but...everyone keeps telling me how competitive and hard it is and am like...aaaahhhh.
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