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Thread: Ios 5.0.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorman View Post
    Im sure if i left it on standyby in my pocket not used it would last a lot longer too. /facepalm
    lol yeah, Im constantly on mine, whether its checking train times, maps, emails etc, actually not sure what id do without it lol.

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    Cant say ive had any real improvement with this update though
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    My battery life has improved in standby, not so sure about in-use time.. Had about 8 hours use last night, 2 days 30 mins standby.. Then i had to charge it, as it was at 17% and wouldn't last me today
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    i always get mophie cases with my phones (well, ok so i've only had two, the 3gs / 4s). so i can charge up on the go which is always useful in emergencies.

    Recently i reset my phone, instaleld the 5.01 update, disabled notification centre completely, and setting the clock by location (in general menu) as well as disabling alot of notifications bluetooth mail fetching (set to manual), brightness up, set Siri's "raise to talk" option OFF, have only a few apps on it, and i've gone days on standby and it's still at 47% with little use, far better than when i first got it and i had to charge it every other day (so with the mophies battery that'd be once a day of battery use).

    people with battery problems, have you tried disabling all the notification centre bits? or hold to talk for Siri? as those to me would seem like the worst culprits, notification centre is constantly building up its "list" from all the different sources, and the weather/stocks widgets would be quierying over the data connection constantly, meanwhile siris raise to talk feature must drive the acceleratometor(Sp?) mad for battery use too.
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    I've updated my phone & can't really notice any differences; It's still on & off. E.g. I'd have one day with good battery then the next day I'd have it last like 8 hours ¬_¬ Sad times; it's actually depressing.



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